Sedentary Behaviour in the Workplace

    By: Travis Saunders, 21851 on Dec 12, 2014

    Travis Saunders, CSEP-CEP and writer for blog Obesity Panacea has recently uploaded a very helpful and informative video about sedentary behaviour in the workplace.

    Below is the video of a recent webinar on sedentary behaviour in the workplace, organized by the Physical Activity Resource Centre in Ontario. In the video, Travis discusses the health impacts of sedentary behaviour, as well as the reasons why sedentary behaviour is bad for health (his presentation begins around the 6 minute mark). He puts together some pretty nifty power point animations outlining the mechanisms that link sitting with chronic disease risk.

    Also presenting in the webinar was Jennifer Jenkins-Scott, a Health Promotion specialist from the Halton Region Health Department.  Jennifer discusses ways that organizations can help their employees reduce their sedentary time.


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    Travis Saunders has a PhD in Human Kinetics, and is an Assistant Professor in Applied Human Science. His research focuses on the relationship between sedentary time (e.g. sitting) and chronic disease risk in both children and adults. He is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist and competitive distance runner. You can connect with Travis on Twitter and Google+.


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