CSEP 2016: From Health to High Performance

    Free Communications - Thursday, October 13



    Free Communications #1: 
    Applied Metabolism and Nutrition

    Lecture Theatre

    Number in Session Abstract Title
    Jill Leckey 1-1 Does low carbohydrate or high fat availability promote fat oxidation?
    Evelyn Parr 1-2 Effects of a large breakfast versus large dinner on blood glucose homeostasis during a day of inactivity
    Brian Martin 1-3 Green tea extract does not affect the exogenous rate of glucose appearance but reduces the postprandial insulin response during exercise recovery
    Michael Mazzulla 1-4 A moderate dose of dietary protein enhances post-prandial leucine balance but does not replenish exercise-induced oxidative losses during recovery from running in trained young men
    Sidney Abou Sawan 1-5 Endurance exercise does not further enhance post-prandial myofibrillar or mitochondrial protein synthesis in trained young men
    Hiroyuki Kato 1-6 Protein requirements are increased after exercise, but not at rest in endurance-trained rats, as determined by an indicator amino acid oxidation method
    Andrea Brennan 1-7 Association between metabolites and cardiorespiratory fitness in obese adults.
    Daniel Gamu 1-8 Examination of Skeletal Muscle Phospholamban in Adaptive Diet-Induced Thermogenesis



    Free Communications #2:  
    Exercise and the Pediatric Population

    Oak Bay Room

    in Session
    Abstract Title
    Viviene Temple 2-1 A peek at the developmental validity of the Test of Gross Motor Development - 3
    Jennifer Dekker 2-2 The response of bone turnover markers and growth factors to a single bout of plyometric exercise in pre-menarcheal and post-menarcheal girls
    Anthony Kehrig 2-3 Benefits of moderate and vigorous physical activity are evident at the weight-bearing tibia but not at the non-weight-bearing radius in children
    Leigh Gabel 2-4 Physical activity predicts bone strength at the tibia and radius from childhood to young adulthood: a mixed longitudinal HR-pQCT study
    Joshua Bovard 2-5 Exploring the cardiovascular and metabolic responses during maximal exercise testing in pediatric heart transplant patients
    Anita Cote 2-6 Myocardial Strain During Maximal Exercise in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients
    Christine Voss 2-7 Using wearable technology to measure and promote physical activity in children with congenital heart disease
    Allana LeBlanc 2-8 Results from the 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth: Are Canadian Kids too Tired to Move?