CSEP 2016: From Health to High Performance

    Poster Presentations - Thursday, October 13 - PM


    Posters #2: 
    Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology

    Saanich Room

    in Session
    Abstract Title
    Kevin Boreskie 2-1 The HAPPY Hearts Cohort: Preliminary Data
    Eduardo Costa 2-2 Systolic blood pressure after 3-min of moderate intensity exercise predicts large artery stiffness in normotensive middle-aged and older women
    Jem Cheng 2-3 Development of a quality assurance protocol for evaluating carotid artery intima-media thickness measures for the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
    Alexandra Coates 2-4 An analysis of the daily variability of carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity and implications for interpreting the efficacy of an intervention
    Morgan Silvester 2-5 Influence of vitamin C on the interaction between acute mental stress and endothelial function
    Sydney Valentino 2-6 Relationship between phases of carotid artery longitudinal wall motion and arterial stiffness across a spectrum of health and disease
    Jennifer Williams 2-7 Individual variability in the influence of acute hyperglycemia on endothelium dependent flow mediated vasodilation in healthy, sedentary males.
    Jennifer Williams 2-8 The influence of acute mental stress on endothelium dependent flow mediated vasodilation in women with depression.
    Mark Rakobowchuk 2-9 Divergent endothelial function but similar platelet microvesicle effects with eccentric and concentric cycling at a similar aerobic power output
    Ninette Shenouda 2-10 Brachial artery function and structure following 6 and 12 weeks of either sprint interval training or traditional endurance training in sedentary men
    Wendy Pethick 2-11 The utility of a novel team-sport specific heat acclimation protocol to increase plasma volume and performance in elite female soccer players
    Wendy Pethick 2-15 Effect of hydration status during a five a day heat acclimation protocol on plasma volume in trained athletes
    Travis Gibbons 2-12 Differences in stroke volume measured using modelflow and aortic doppler ultrasound during dynamic changes in blood pressure
    Lorenzo Love 2-13 Influence of elevated baseline work rates and increasing work rate amplitudes on blood flow kinetics
    Cindy Nguyen 2-14 Probing the metaboreflex with continuous and rhythmic handgrip protocols
    Laura Banks 2-16 Early parasympathetic reactivation in middle-aged endurance athletes following acute, maximal exercise
    Danielle Bentley 2-17 High intensity handgrip training reduces resting blood pressure and improves indices of autonomic nervous influence
    Subir Gupta 2-18 A Comparative Study of Heart Rate and Blood Lactate Response of Junior (U20) and Senior Football Midfielders During Practice Football Match Play
    Scott Thomas 2-19 Age, sex and blood pressure reductions with handgrip exercise: A systematic review
    Cameron Ehnes 2-20 Effects of Wildland Firefighter Clothing on the Oxygen Cost of Treadmill Walking
    Robert Bentley 2-21 Dietary nitrate supplementation restores compensatory vasodilation in response to a compromise in oxygen delivery in the non-compensator phenotype
    Susan Robinson 2-22 Can a 3-day ingestion of L-Arginine improve endothelial-dependent vasodilation and exercise-mediated blood flow in healthy young adults?
    Danilo Iannetta 2-23 NIRS-derived deoxygenated breaking-point. Repeatable or not repeatable?
    Rogerio Soares 2-24 Vascular responsiveness during hyperglycemia measured by near-infrared spectroscopy
    Josh Trewin 2-25 The effect of match factors on the running performance of elite female soccer players.
    François Billaut 2-26 Heart rate variability in two elite Paralympic cyclists: a case comparison
    Andrew Brotto 2-27 Operating lung volumes and dyspnea during incremental exercise in asthmatics
    Corrine Malcolm 2-28 Possible changes in late season forced expiratory volume in nordic skiers
    Carli Peters 2-29 Quantitative assessment of healthy human airways using optical coherence tomography
    Devin Phillips 2-30 Are There Sex Differences in the Cardiopulmonary Response to Graded Exercise with Heavy Load Carriage?