CSEP 2016: From Health to High Performance

    Poster Presentations - Friday, October 14 - AM


    Posters #3: 
    Clinical Exercise Physiology, High Performance and Nutrition

    Saanich Room

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    Abstract Title
    Rachel Aubry 3-1 Assessing running characteristics with a novel power-meter in elite level long-distance runners: a pilot study
    Kayla Bugeya Miller 3-2 Rowing VO2max testing protocol
    Jessica Caterini 3-3 Effects of higher stroke rate training on rowing performance
    Cameron Ehnes 3-4 Effects of Wildland Firefighter Clothing Ensemble on Pack Test Performance
    Federico Fontana 3-5 "May the force be with you": Strength Training between Science and Practice
    Alastair Hodges 3-6 Effects of 10 Weeks of Work on Production and Task Efficiency in Reforestation Workers
    Audrey Hynes 3-7 The effects of arm- and leg cycling repeated sprints on power, pain and rating of perceived exertion
    Edward Lin 3-8 Graded vs. flat running VO2max test protocols with matched speed
    Said Mekary 3-9 The physiological responses of a mandibular repositioning mouthguard and their effects on athletic performance
    Kyle Thompson 3-10 The potentiating effect of resisted sprint training in varsity level sprinters
    Oksana Wankiewicz 3-11 Effects of stroke characteristics in 3-min all-out rowing test
    Alanna Whinton 3-12 Reliability and validity of a novel custom-built isokinetic dynamometer
    Devin Phillips 3-13 Effects of Wildland Firefighter Clothing on Physiological Responses and Performance during Graded Treadmill Exercise
    Dean Cordingley 3-14 ABSTRACT WITHDRAWN.  Graded aerobic exercise testing in pediatric moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: a case series
    Dean Cordingley 3-15 Retrospective review of graded aerobic treadmill testing in pediatric sports-related concussion
    Mélina Lalande Gauthier 3-16 Home-based pulmonary rehabilitation: Are ILD different from COPD patients?
    Faizan Khalid Mohsin 3-17 Physical fitness and psychosocial outcome measurement responsiveness to change analysis of the Wellness and Exercise for Cancer Survivors Program
    Ian Newhouse 3-18 WE-Can: A wellness and exercise program for individuals living with cancer - A community group-based model
    Holly Wollmann 3-19 Comparison of strength improvements during and post adjuvant breast cancer treatment
    Sébastien Périgny-Lajoie 3-20 ABSTRACT WITHDRAWN.  An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Return to Duty of Canadian Armed Forces Service Members
    Nicole Culos-Reed 3-21 TrueNTH Lifestyle Management Solution: Feasibility and Benefits of a 12-week Physical Activity and Yoga Program for Prostate Cancer
    Daniel Santa Mina 3-22 THE Wellspring Cancer-Exercise Program and its Effects on Functional and Psychosocial Wellbeing in Cancer Survivors
    Jessica Bigg 3-23 Hydration status and sweat loss, fluid and CHO intake, and sodium balance of a university women's hockey team during on-ice practices and games
    Jason Brandenburg 3-24 Effects of acute blueberry supplementation on repeated sprint cycling performance
    Alex Gamble 3-25 Estimated sweat loss, fluid and CHO intake, and sodium balance of male Canadian Junior, AHL, and NHL players during on-ice practices
    Ruirui Gao 3-26 Glycemic Index Testing of Cherry Juice, a Potentially Beneficial Beverage for Endurance Athletes
    Jenna Gillen 3-27 Trained athletes typically consume well above 1.2 g dietary protein per kg body weight per day
    Jong Ko 3-28 Flaxseed Lignan Supplementation Combined with Exercise Training in Older Participants with Stage I Hypertension
    K Pritchett 3-29 25(OH)D Status of Elite Athletes with Spinal Cord Injury Relative to Lifestyle Factors
    Arielle Roberts 3-30 The impact of a nutrition program on the incidence of injuries in snowsport resort employees.
    Evangelia Tsiani 3-31 Activation of AMPK and increased skeletal muscle cell glucose uptake by rosmarinic acid
    Tyler Vermeulen 3-32 Dietary recall of elite male youth hockey players aged 10-13 during a week-long hockey camp
    Sebastian Jannas-Vela 3-33 Hydration status and habits during practices in female Olympic, varsity and recreational ice hockey players
    Dana Lis 3-34 From gluten to FODMAPs: Dietary strategies to combat gastrointestinal symptoms in athletes
    David Harper 3-35 Evidence for Long-term, Anti-inflammatory Response to the Ketogenic Diet: a Pilot Study.