CSEP 2016: From Health to High Performance

    Poster Presentations - Saturday, October 15 - AM


    Posters #5: 
    Health and Physical Activity, Aging and the Pediatric Populations

    Saanich Room

    Number in Session Abstract Title
    Kelsey Bjorkman 5-1 The role of muscle, subcutaneous fat, and neuromuscular performance in predicting bone strength at the forearm and lower leg in children
    Joël Blanchard 5-2 Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in children: improving diagnosis through updated reference values
    Stephen Mah 5-3 The association between parental support and children's active travel to school
    H Desmarais 5-4 Motor Skills are Not Birthday Gifts: A longitudinal study of motor skill development from kindergarten to grade 4
    Joel Barnes 5-5 Assessing change in indicators of child and youth physical activity in Canada, 2005-2016
    Stephanie Field 5-6 A longitudinal examination of the alignment of perceived and actual motor competence of children in middle childhood
    Courteney Hamilton 5-7 Is all sitting the same? Associations between screen- and non-screen sedentary time and components of physical literacy in children
    Alexandra Wilson 5-8 The efficacy of teacher mentorship as a strategy to increase physical literacy among elementary school students
    Sarah Woodruff Atkinson 5-9 Physical Literacy Improves with the 10-week Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel Curriculum
    Paige Ryan 5-10 Heart rate responses of adults with an intellectual disability during a modified 6 minute walk test
    Laura St John 5-11 Changes in HRV before and after submaximal exercise in Special Olympics athletes
    Federico Fontana 5-12 Effect of strength training on "excess" VO2 in Older Adults
    Sukhraj Sahota 5-13 No effect of age on timing of breathing during the hyperthermia of incremental exercise
    Erin Shellington 5-14 Square-stepping exercise improves lower limb strength in older adults with knee osteoarthritis
    Sara Bruce 5-15 Canadian older adult physical activity and multimorbidity
    Nick Bray 5-16 The Impact of Delivery Site on Participant Adherence to the BC HealtheSteps™ Program
    Jacqueline Harvey 5-17 HealtheStepsTM: a real-world health behaviour change program for chronic disease prevention and management
    Rhianna Malcolm 5-18 Cycling as an exercise intervention for participants with Parkinson's Disease: A 10-week pilot study
    Mary Medysky 5-19 Examining the relationship between cancer-related fatigue and disordered sleep with two weeks of wrist actigraphy.
    Jordan Rees 5-20 Aquatic exercise training for adults with type 2 diabetes: a meta analysis
    Mathieu Violette-Bolduc 5-21 Physical activity and its effect on the Framingham risk score in the Canadian adult population.
    Travis Saunders 5-22 Objectively measured steps per day in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Jeff Crane 5-23 Are cross-sectional physical activity and sedentary behaviour data all that different from longitudinal data?
    Katya Herman 5-24 Stand-Up U of R: On-campus office-workers trial a sit-stand workstation
    Yasuo KIMURA 5-25 Comparison of Three Walking Modalities on Physical Fitness in Overweight and Obese Middle-Aged and Elderly Women
    Mohamed Mathlouthi 5-26 Daily physical activity level association with obesity in healthy adults working in a predominantly sedentary environment. 
    Sean Nugent 5-27 The influence of high-intensity interval training and moderate-intensity continuous training on sedentary time in pre-diabetic adults
    Laura Sawula 5-28 The count talk test correlates with markers of metabolic stress during submaximal exercise
    Janine Clarke 5-29 Higher cardiorespiratory fitness positively associated with health across body mass index categories in Canada
    Taniya Nagpal 5-30 Measuring adherence to nutrition and exercise behaviour changes to prevent excessive gestational weight gain
    Nathaniel Minichiello 5-31 Investigating the effects of the menstrual cycle on power and fat oxidation in female cyclists: a pilot study.
    Matthew Dorton 5-32 The effect of different climatic conditions on performance during a mountain ultra-marathon race.
    Jingkai Pang 5-33 Thermal comfort differences between sexes during light exercise in cold weather conditions while wearing technical apparel
    Elliott Boake 5-34 The evaluation of a mobile device to measure ataxia with high altitude exposure
    Peter Rawlek 5-35 What exercise apps are missing to "best support" patients who wants to start to exercise. What medical doctors should know!
    Prabhjot Singh 5-36 Relationship of multiple indices of dehydration on mountain ultra-marathon finishing times
    Peter Rawlek 5-37 Exercise Apps 2016 Discourage the "Exercise-Naive" on Their Exercise Journey
    Katrina D'Urzo 5-38 Integrating exercise counselling into the medical school curriculum: determining the effectiveness of a workshop-based approach.
    Jonathon Fowles 5-39 Implementation and Perceived Effectiveness of the Exercise is Medicine Canada Exercise Prescription Resources Among Health Care Providers Across Canad
    Myles O'Brien 5-40 Short Term Effectiveness of the Exercise is Medicine Canada Exercise Prescription Resources Among Physicians Across Canada
    Kristina Collins 5-41 Association between Energy Cost of Walking and Markers of Mobility in Older Adults
    Stephanie Maganja 5-42 Effects of Walking Speed and Interruptions on Step Count Accuracy from Activity Monitors Worn by Older Adults